In Touch Technologies´┐Ż culture is defined by our entrepreneurial spirit and our passion for relationship building. We value our clients and are guided in the pursuit of developing lasting relationships by the highest ethical and moral standards.


We view technology as a tool, not an end in itself. We believe our products and services should represent real value to our clients. The knowledge and experience of our people is the product we deliver through our software solutions and services, giving our clients the assurance that we are giving our very best.

Our People

Our greatest asset and most valuable resource are the talented people of In Touch Technologies. Our industry experience is unmatched, and our unique blend of expertise helps ensure a high standard of excellence in the software products we build, install, support and maintain. Total Customer Satisfaction

To focus on our customers to understand and exceed their expectations.

Innovative Culture

We seek continuous improvement and excellence we do.


We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Community Service

In Touch Technologies´┐Ż understands the importance of supporting the environment. For this reason, Opera has adopted an environmental policy to indite the Company's mission in preventing any environmental impact of its activities.

In Touch shall:

Act according to environmental laws to limit the environmental burden on earth, air, water and ecosystem.

Commit to using environmentally safe products in the workplace.

Educate staff about company environmental regulations.

Evaluate the consumption of energy and other resources to determine means of control.

Ensure the development of environmental protective procedures.




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