We live in exciting times for business. While change has always been the constant ever since humanity first built tools, the pace of change has never been faster as it is in our times. The network revolution continues to break down boundaries between people, customers, and businesses. Both established leaders and emerging ones have new opportunities to do more, grow faster and become global. This is the essence of the new economy, and the essence of Epsilonium.

We transform companies to become true global e-businesses - A business without boundaries.

This is our mission, and we will achieve it one customer at a time.

What e-Business IS

E-business is just business - business using electronic networks to transform a business process or business system to create superior value for current or potential customers.

E-business is more than e-commerce, even though the terms are often used interchangeably. The latter is focused on buying and selling products and services, using network techonologies. E-business goes beyond mere transactions. It facilitates new types of connections among a broad range of entities. It enables any type of business activity over the network. Just to name a few - communicating, collaborating, learning, innovating, planning, recruiting.

E-business changes the meaning of the word "firm". The boundaries of the firm are blurring to the point that the enterprise transcends the firm to also encompass partners, suppliers, and customers - the extended enterprise, a business without boundaries. The linking of these entities makes possible new applications to build, manage and strengthen relationships among them.

What e-Business IS NOT

E-business is not a bolt-on to your business, rather it's an integral component of your business.

E-business is not about technology

E-business is not a middle-management initiative - It's the CEO's job

E-business is not tied to a particular department or functional area

E-business is not a fixed target - It's about adapting and keeping up with changes around you Last, we address the most vital element in this discussion - Why e-business?

Why e-Business? E-business is about increasing efficiency and effectiveness of business processes - doing things better and doing the right things. Utilizing resources well and executing faster and cheaper. Transforming business processes to create new sources of value and revenue streams. It's more than just reducing cost - it's about changing the game and making new rules. It is really about winning.

When considering an e-business initiative ask yourselves:

Will it lower my cost of doing business with customers?

Will it make my customers more loyal?

Will it improve my relationship with my customers?

Will it reduce my response time as an organization?

Will it create new ways of getting to market?

Will it improve my relationship with my trading partners?

Will it reinvent the way the business is done in the industry?

and measure the success of your initiatives by quantifying at least one of these:

1. Cost Reduction

2. Revenue Expansion

3. Time Reduction

4. Relationship Enhancement

If you have had a website for a while, ask yourselves these questions and measure your successes. Contact us for a complimentary discussion on how we can help you with this winning transformation.

In Touch Technologies is the leader in Data Management (DM). Providing technology for capturing, transforming and moving transactional data in real time across major databases and environments, In Touch helps organizations mitigate risk, reduce costs and increase revenues. Fortune 500 companies and businesses worldwide use In Touch solutions to manage critical initiatives such as high performance computing, data integration, business continuity and compliance.

In Touch is dedicated to the creation and expansion of linked prosperity that includes the company, its human resources, shareholders, distribution channels, business partners and its customers. Our mission consists of three interrelated parts:

Products To develop, produce, distribute and sell the most sophisticated and standardized CAD/CAM software solutions and related hardware with optimum price/performance ratio for manufacturers in the sewn products and related industries.

Economic To operate the company on a sound financial basis and on profitable growth, increasing company value, distribution channels, business partners and sewn products manufacturers, and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees.

Social To operate the company in a way that vigorously acknowledges the central role that business plays in the structure of society by pioneering and paving innovative ways to improve the quality of life of a global community.

Vision Statement

Our goal is to have a focused, world-class supply base firmly in place and readily accessible, producing a sustainable competitive advantage in every corner of our business.

Our vision are the rules that we live by. They describe who we are and how we work. The set of values that we share governs our everyday pirorities - both inside the company and outside it, as we work together with customers, suppliers and partners. They provide an important tool to guide us towards our mission.

Our visions are:

� Growth

� Responsibility

� Innovative




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