In Touch Technologies� strategic consultants and analysts develop creative, innovative, practical and effective marketing strategies and solutions for public sector clients.
The company offers advice at the early stages of a project, before implementation begins, and helps develop an evidence base to underpin the strategy. They look at the development, planning and communications issues related to all areas of public sector marketing, from the earliest stages of policy development onwards.
Our services include communications and marketing consultancy, internal communications strategy and culture change, stakeholder communications, strategic development and brand development.

Blended teams

We can put together the most appropriate team for any project, blending our in-house expertise with the right mix of resources from our extensive roster of suppliers.

Internal communication, engagement and change

We offer unrivalled understanding and experience of the impact of change on people and processes in the public sector, and the need to respond with practical solutions. Our capability in this specific area covers:

� culture change;
� change management and communication;
� brand alignment and engagement;
� internal communication strategy and implementation;
� communication skills development and coaching;
� knowledge management; and
� diversity/cultural awareness communications training.

Specialist audience targeting

Our Inclusivity team focuses on seeking the best strategies to identify and communicate with all socially excluded audiences including minority ethnic communities, older people and people with learning difficulties. The Inclusivity Forum is held quarterly to share best practice and up-to-date learning, and welcomes delegates from across the public sector.

Services offered by Strategic Consultancy

� Communications and marketing consultancy
� Internal communication, engagement and change
� Stakeholder communications
� Strategic development
� Inclusivity




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