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Web Software Applications

Whether you want to build a strong Internet presence, or enhance your company's productivity with web software, In Touch Technologies can help. Click here to find out more about our Internet development capabilities.

With the expanding technical options for communication on the Web, most people might be tempted to focus only on issues such as hypterext markup language (HTML) syntax, page layout, or the latest and flashiest technologies. However, companies need a broader, more process-oriented approach in order to articulate the information content they wish to convey. We also need to pay close attention to the characteristics and qualities of the Web as a medium for communication so that they don't merely duplicate practices intended for paper other other media.
Developing Web content involves shaping and negotiating meaning and making many choices involving technical, aesthetic, and usability concerns. And, as technical communicators know, developing information requires keen skills in planning, analysis, and design in addition to Web-oriented skills in representing information in a particular medium. In order to develop a broader perspective of Web, we can draw on many existing concepts from technical communication and software engineering practices.

In Touch's methodology involves six sets of information.

1. Audience information is a store of knowledge about the target audience for the web as well as the actual audience who uses the web. One method to generate this information is to list as much as you know about the audience's background, interests, proclivities. All this information may not be complete at any time during the web-development process, but you can develop a store of information over time. Also, this audience information may change over time as different users access the web.

2. The purpose statement is an articulation of the reason for and scope of the web's existence. You should have a written purpose statement available at all times during web development. At first, this statement might be in general terms, such as "to create a presence for our company in cyberspace" or it may be very specific, such as "to provide information about our company's new line of modems."

3. The objectives list defines the specific goals the web should accomplish. Based on the purpose statement and audience definition of the web, you can list the specific information, communication, or activity your web will support.

4. The domain information is a collection of knowledge and information about the subject domain the web covers. This includes information that the users of the web will encounter and information the web developers need to design or implement a web.

5. The web specification is a detailed description of the constraints and elements that will go into the web's design and implementation. The specification statement enumerates what pieces of domain information will be presented as well as any technical or policy limitations on that presentation

6. The web presentation is the complete digital contents of the Web site. The web presentation is means by which the web's information is delivered to the user--essentially the sum total of all the HTML files plus associated multimedia files or other software (CGI, Java, or other) to support the web. The presentation is the result of design and implementation processes that work within the web's specification. In these processes, a web developer makes creative choices among design and presentation techniques (considering efficiency, aesthetics, and known web usage patterns) to stay within the web specifications and meet the web's objectives.




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